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Fertilization/Weed Control 
License #: 0874956

Spend your time enjoying your beautiful lawn rather than working on it! Our eight step program is designed to keep your lawn green, healthy and weed free all year long. We treat your lawn every six weeks for a total of eight service treatments. We use the highest quality materials and apply them at a heavier rate than most other companies.

Step 1: An early spring pre-emergent with broadleaf weed control eliminates spring weeds.

Step 2: A spring pre-emergent for broadleaf weed control is applied along with crabgrass preventer and a nitrogen fertilizer to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs while waking up from winter.

Steps 3-6: Through summer, we apply a slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer for health and color along with weed treatments for any visible weeds. These treatments help promote healthy roots which are crucial during the hot, dry summer months.

Step 7: A fall pre-emergent with broadleaf weed control along with potassium for a healthy root system help protect your lawn as it goes dormant in the winter months.

Step 8: A winter pre-emergent prevents unwanted winter weeds along with potassium fertilization for a healthy root system.

Control of Dallisgrass

Dallisgrass is a deep-rooted bunchgrass that spreads through underground rhizomes and seeds. It prefers warm, moist areas and begins growth in early spring, readily invading lawns. Dallisgrass is a very difficult weed to control as grassy weeds are not affected by pre-emergents. Hand-pulling Dallisgrass doesn’t eliminate this weed, because some of the rhizomes will be left in the soil to grow back. Dallisgrass forms star-shaped clumps with long, coarse leaves and tall seed stalks. It usually takes 1-3 treatments and the affected area will turn yellow or brown temporarily. There is an additional charge if the infestation is moderate to heavy.

Control of Nutsedge

Nutsedge, also known as Nutgrass, is a difficult weed to control as pre-emergents do not prevent germination. This tough, perennial grass-like weed seeks out moist, poorly drained sections of your yard. Nutgrass grows faster in hot weather and can only be treated when it appears. This is because Nutsedge grows from tiny tubers 8-14 inches deep in the soil. It can only be treated in very warm months as the chemical will not affect Nutsedge in cold temperatures. The key to treatment is repeated applications – usually, 2 to 3 treatments are necessary – heavy infestations may require more treatments. There is an additional charge for control of nutsedge if an infestation is moderate to heavy.

Arial View of Green Field

Too Many Weeds?

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We utilize quality chemicals and products for weed control, pest control and fertilizations. Have peace of mind that we are applying applications that work


With our schedule notifications, the customer's ability to confirm or reschedule at the push of a button in the client portal makes the process quick and convenient 


With several different programs to meet several different needs, you will find quality weed control at a value you can appreciate


Here are the key benefits of proper fertilizing and weed control

  • Dark Green, Weed-Free Lawn

  • Impress Clients, Relatives, Friends and Neighbors – A Green Weed Free Lawn Will Make You The Envy of The Neighborhood — Everyone Compares The Color of Their Grass To Their Neighbors.

  • All applications coordinated with our mowing schedule to ensure the most effective fertilization and weed control treatment every time

  • For very little money you can have a green, weed free Lawn. The impact to drive up appeal, resell value, disease prevention, elimination of thinning issues, reduced mowing frequency all easily offset the very low cost to keep your lawn green, healthy, disease, and weed free.

  • Frequent onsite inspections by our licensed technicians will ensure we catch and prevent disease, fungus, insect, and grub worm problems before they can cause major damage that will cost $1000’s to repair.

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