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West Texas Pride Mulching Services

No matter if you are needing a new bed created or an existing bed refreshed we've got you covered with a large selection of mulch. Mulch not only adds beauty to your landscape it serves the purpose of preventing weeds, holding moisture for your plants and did we say adds beauty to flower beds and trees to give you the curb appeal your looking for.

Need Mulch?

We offer a wide variety of colors & materials!!

Benefits of Mulch

Makes Your Landscape Stand Out

With a variety of color and materials mulch will make the curb appeal really stand out. This is not necessarily a valuable benefit, but we look after our yard and landscape for the aesthetics, at least partly. Mulch can add symmetry and color to your property.

Prevents Weeds

If you do not like to deal with weeds, then consider mulch. A blanket of mulch about three inches deep will smother weeds and keep them from germinating. Weeds that do make it out will be easy to pull as their roots won’t go deep into the soil.

Keeps Plants Healthy

Temperatures naturally fluctuate throughout the year, but they also vary throughout the day. Mulch will keep soil warmer during the nights and cooler when the sun is shining bright. This will protect your plants from the harsh cold of the winter and the extreme heat of the summer.

Keeps Soil Moist

Watering your plants, shrubs, and trees is a chore that is only fun for the first few minutes. If you want to get the most out of your watering, then mulch it! Mulch protects against evaporation and helps maintain moisture, keeping your plants, shrubs, and trees hydrated.

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